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I'm 20 year old, average guy from Finland.

Will post anything that happens to captivate me. Motorcycles, vintage stuff, movies, indie, nature, anything. And occasionally some pictures of myself and my boyfriend.
Just had a tiring day at work and afterwards I went to buy clothes from a mall for the trip to Spain to meet my boyfriend, Ska. As I was looking at myself from the mirror in the clothes changing booth I realized how happy and lucky I was. I felt so good with who I am. Despite being tired and stressed I felt everything in my life is finally overall really fucking great. I’m first time in a relationship which I feel absolutely comfortable with being myself and with thinking of our future together. Ska I love you very very much and no matter how cliche it might sound like, you really are the best thing ever happened to me and being with you is worth of overcoming the distance and every other problem we might face. You’re amazing boyfriend and there is a million things I love about you. And oh god I love you a lot, even after all this time and if I think of your smile for even a split of a second, I feel more than I’ve felt for years. I had a great time when you were here and I’m looking to spend as much time with you as I can in the future. You’re worth of all the effort. Once again, I love you.

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